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Technical Team

Year: 2013

City: São Paulo - Brasil

Lenght: 14:47min

Genre: Short-film documentary

Direction: Danson Knetsch and Marcelo Takeshi

Screenplay: Danson Knetsch

Director of Photography: Marcus Melo e Rodrigo Furukawa

Research: Leo Rea Lé (Rua 34)

Executive Production: Sergio Yugo Ukei e Paulo Ukei

Local Production: Jonatha Herik Lopes

Editor: Suzana Moreira

Post-Production: Flavio Pereira

Image Direction: Francis dos Santos

Camera: Marcus Melo  and Rodrigo Furukawa

Sound: Carlos Massuia

Realization: Canal Futura e BDT Filmes

"We can´t understand the current world if we don´t understand the production unit, because this is the basis" 
Glauci Arbix, Sociologist 

“Factory Culture” is a documentary video made for Futura Chanel´s Sala de Notícias program, wich presents the relation between of Cubatão residents with the history of factories in the region.

Based on the habits of the workers, theirs homes, families, machines and work enviroment, the program tell touching histories.  Against the backdrop a city whose economic activity was - and still is - predominantly industrial, one wonders how the workers were able to modify the local industry and, in the same way, how the city and industry alternated the lifestyle of the residents.

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