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Technical Team

Year: 2015

City: São Paulo - Brasil

Lenght: 15:07 min

Genre: Short movie documentary

Direction: Marcelo Takeshi e Naum Simão

Argument, screenplay and content direction: Naum Simão (Rua 34)

Director of photography: Cesar Paladino

Executive Direction: Sergio Yugo Ukei

Production: Jonatha Herik Lopes

Finalization: Suzana Moreira

Supervision: Francis dos Santos

Camera: Cesar Paladino, Ernesto Matsubara, Jorge Willian

Sound: Carlos Massuia e Adriano Amorim

Realization: Canal Futura e BDT Filmes

"Muslim is one who surrenders. Surrender is from the heart."

Francirosy Ferreira


Universidade de São Paulo

“Siraj” (light or candle/lamp in arab) is a documentary video made for Futura Chanel´s Sala de Notícias program, wich presents one of the aspects of the contemporary African diaspora for Brazil: the muslim religion.  

Concentrated in Bilal Al Hagbashi Mosque, in Sao Paulo´s downtown, point of convergence of religious practice for many muslins from different African nations, the proposal is based on the unification of individuals of different ethnicities based on daily prayer as cultivation of religious faith, self-enlightenment and strengthening of community ties in Brazil.

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