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Technical Team

Year: 2013

City: São Paulo - Brasil

Lenght: 14:48min

Genre: Documentário curta-metragem

Director: Danson Knetsch

Screenplay: Francis dos Santos

Director of Photography: Cesar Paladino

Research: Leo Rea Lé (Rua 34) and Marcelo Takeshi

Executive Production: Sergio Yugo Ukei and Paulo Ukei

Production: Jonatha Herik Lopes

Editor: Danson Knetsch

Post-Production: Flavio Pereira

Image Direction: Maurício Fazolli

Camera: Cesar Paladino

Sound: Carlos Massuia

Realization: Canal Futura e BDT Filmes

"You can't judge a people by the place where they reside, where they live and live together."

João Batista Santos

Resident of Cota neighborhood

“The Cota of a neighborhood” is a documentary video made for Futura Chanel´s Sala de Notícias program, which portrays the curious Cota neighborhood, built on the slopes of Serra do Mar between Sao Paulo and Cutabão. 

By occupying areas of environmental protection, impasses were created: the neighborhood cannot be made official by the State of Sao Paulo, but it is established through public improvements. This program discusses the particularity of the altitude of neighborhoods that mix with the Atlantic Forest and the distant life of urban centers.

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