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Technical Team

Artist: Robert Capa, Gerda Taro and Chim (David Seymour)

Curatorship and texts: Cynthia Young

Collection: International Center of Photography (ICP),  Magnum Photos, Estate of Chim (David Seymour)

Organization: International Center of Photography (ICP)

Art Direction: Leo Rea Lé (Rua 34)

Executive Production: Naum Simão (Rua 34)

Production: Eugênia Fajardo

Expographic Project: Alessandro Nicolaev (Egg 43 studio)

Text: Camila Garcia

Class Coordination: Camila Garcia and Marília Santana
International Mangement: Cláudio Matos

Date: July 23rd to October 2nd, 2016

Venue: Caixa Cultural SP

Presentation: Caixa Cultural

Sponsorship: Caixa Econômica Federal e Governo Federal do Brasil

Support: National Endowment for the Arts(USA), Joseph and Joan Cullman Foundation for the Arts(USA), Frank and Mary Ann Arisman, and Christian Keesee. Additional support was received from Sandy and Ellen Luger

Realization: Rua 34, Governo Federal do Brasil.


"These works have been considered one of most innovative and passionate coverage of the Spanish Civil War.”


Cynthia Young


International Center of Photography


 “The Mexican Suitcase: Rediscovered Spanish Civil War Negatives by Capa, Chim, and Taro” is an exhibition that brings to Brazil the legendary negatives of the three main photographers of the Spanhish Civil War: Robert Capa, Gerda Taro e Chim.

In late December 2007, three small cardboard boxes arrived at the   International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York, coming from Mexico City after a long and misterious trip. These tattered boxes (then called mexican suitcases) contained 125 rolls of film (4.500 negatives.

Together, these rolls constitue not only an invaluable record of photographic innovation and war photographie, but also the great political struggle that determinate the course of Spanish history and, in retrospect, of the global expansion of fascism in that period.
Preserved, stored and made acessible trought the International Center of Photography, the collection went in circulation in 2011 trought exhibition “The Mexican Suitcase”, presenting 70 photographs, 100 contact sheets, 60 megazines and 2 videos to the audience.


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