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The Lurid Beauty of Monsters

Technical Team

Artist: Tim Burton
Production: Rua 34
Curatorship & Texts: Jenny He
Architecture: Thiago Machado (Olha Lhama)
Expographic Project: Mirella Brandi & Muep/ Rodrigo Gontijo/ Daniela Lorenzi (Atelier A 14) Estúdio Òbelo e Murilo Kammer.
Soundtrack: Paulo Beto e Muep

Dates: 05/28 to August 11, 2019

Venue: Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil DF

Presentation: Cielo & Ministério da Cidadania

Sponsorship: Cateno

Support: Outback, Livelo, Petz, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil


Rua 34, Secretaria Especial da Cultura, Ministério da Cidadania, Lei de Incentivo a Cultura e Governo do Brasil

"An Immersive tour in the world of the most expressionist filmmaker of our time"
Nahima Maciel - Correio Brazilience

The Lurid Beauty of Monsters: 10 years of The Art of Tim Burton" is an exhibition that presents the creative universe of the North American filmmaker Tim Burton, from the set of drawings and paintings compiled in the book The Art of Tim Burton(2009).

Created from the partnership between Rua 34 Produções and the Tim Burton Office, the exhibition presents, in 14 rooms, immersive and interactive instalations in order to create an expanded experience for the book. By animating the book´s pages with digital and analog languages, such as VR,3D Cinema, polarized images, pre-cinema mechanisms, among others, the artist´s creatures come to life and Tim Burton´s work opens up to new possibilities.

"A dive into a sensory experience that brings Burton´s characters to life"

“The Exhibition is an expanded book”

Jenny He

Curator  Tim Burton Office

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