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Technical Team

Production: Rua 34

Artists: Frame Circus (Paulo Beto, Pedro Zopelar, Tata Aeroplano)

Venue: SESC Araraquara,  SESC Belenzinho e Caixa Cultural RJ


Frame Circus is a musical group that makes soundtracks to silent films, composing tracks for brazilian DVD editions (like “Häxär” by Benjamin Christensen and “Gabinate do Dr. Caligari” by Robert Wiene) and live performances (SESC POMPÉIA, INSTITUTO GOETHE and MIS).

To create the tracks, the group uses several instruments, providing a sound ambience rich in details and very well rehearsed, demonstrating different ways of relating sound to the image: synthesizers, toys and unusual objects, wind instruments for children, guitar and electric bass.


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