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Technical Team

Artists: Vanderlei Lopes, Alberto Oliveira, Felipe Bittencourt, Marina Inoue.
Curatorship: Naum Simão (Rua 34)
General Coordination: Renata de Azevedo Silva
Art Direction: André Luis Monteiro de Carvalho
Production: Murilo Kammer
Production Assistant: Karen Alcantarilla

​Dates: August 7th to 21st, 2011
Venue: MUBE (Museu Brasileiro de Escultura)

Support: Prefeitura de São Paulo, Klabin, Mega Cultural, Rede Globo
Realization: MUBE

“Through manipulations, seams, friction and burning, the body marks are left temporarily in the MUBE room

Naum Simão


“Exercices that translate situations suffered by the body into artistic language

Naum Simão, Curator

The exhibition is composed of 4 works by 4 artists that present different exercises to unfold what is phisically understood by body:  extension, torsion and density. From their respective criative universes, Marina Inoue, Felipe Bittencourt, Vanderlei Lopes and Alberto Oliveira approach the body as a state of involvement, manipulation and transformation. 


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