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Technical Team

Collection: Museu Carlos Costa Pinto

Production: Instituto Victor 

Brecheret/Arte Sobre Arte

Curator: Simone Trindade
Agency: Rua 34

Dates: August 4th to September 23rd, 2012

Venue: Caixa Cultural São Paulo

Presentatoin: Caixa Cultural

Sponsorship: Caixa Economica Federal e Governo Federal do Brasil

Realization: Caixa Cultural SP


“This jewels are insignias of freedom and symbols of power”

Simone Trindade


Museu Carlos Costa Pinto

The exhibition presents a set of 30 jewels from 18th/19th century and 20 photographs belonging to the collection of Museu Carlos Costa Pinto, in City of Salvador, Brazil. Bringing the the wealth of ornament production in the colonial Bahia (a state in northeastern Brazil), theses jewels have become synonymous with grandeur and affirmation of the social condition of the carriers.  .

Ball necklaces, cup bracelets, earrings, rings and “balangandãs” (metal necklaces) made by black goldsmiths, were characterized by African, Brazilian and Portuguese influences, carved and described in strong lines, heavy volume and exuberance typical of the African black body.


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